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My name is Ashley and I am a wife to my wonderful husband of almost 12 years. We have two beautiful daughters ages 6 & 5 and I am an ER Nurse working PRN and a fitness coach with Beachbody! 

I have struggled with my weight for the past nine years, pretty much since year two of getting married! You know you hear the saying, "fat and happy", well that was me. About year two of our marriage I started packing on the pounds, not even noticing how quickly. Before I knew it I was tipping the scale at 200, say what?!! I was a fad dieter so I have tried everything under the sun from weight watchers to cutting carbs, to even "the fat dr" with diet pills. Yes, it may have worked while I was eating like a bird but it wasn't realistic for me long term so of course I gained the weight back and some. 

Around November 2013 I noticed that my best friend was losing weight doing some "beachbody thing", I was NOT interested, of course I knew with her type A personality that she wouldn't dive head first into something bogus or a scam but it meant that I actually had to exercise and I wasn't mentally ready for all that. I watched her for about two months and then she posted her "transformation picture", holy moly did she look awesome!! Well then of course I thought the first thing anyone would, well if she can do it I CAN TO, so I jumped on the gravy train and the rest is history! I had to mentally make a decision that I could do it, that I wasn't meant to be "fat and UNhappy" I needed to lose weight for so many reasons! My self-esteem (or should say lack there of), no energy and tired all the time, borderline high blood pressure, unhappy with the way I looked in the mirror which carried over to being short with my husband and girls, I NEEDED to make a change!

Since beachbody I have lost close to 40 pounds!!!!! I started out with drinking Shakeology every day for breakfast and my first workout program was Focus T-25. I then went on to 21 Day Fix and about to start the new awesome PiYo with Chalene Johnson (SO EXCITED) and I couldn't live with out my Shakeo!! I have gained self-esteem, self worth, and I am happy when I look in the mirror. I can be a better role model for my family, showing them that working hard and dedication is an awesome thing and to NEVER GIVE UP! 

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