Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 Day Refresh

SO, yes I may be a Beachbody coach and yes I believe in it's products and have had great success with them BUT this was my FIRST time doing the 3 Day Refresh so I wasn't sure about it. Just being REAL.

I didn't know if I was just going to starve and that's why people lose weight with it, if I was just going to lose water weight, or being REALLY real, if the fiber sweep was going to keep me in the bathroom all day and that's why people have been SO successful. Well let me tell you I was WRONG on all accounts! I DIDN'T starve, I ate FOOD, I was NOT in the bathroom all day and by sticking to the nutrition plan of healthy foods and portions along with drinking LOTS of water, I weighed in on Monday and LOST 7.4 POUNDS and 6.5 INCHES!!!!! 

My next thing I wondered about before was okay so even if I do lose weight, I'll gain in back in the couple of days to follow, it's not going to stay off... well I'm EXCITED to tell you it has stayed OFF and in fact I've LOST another pound since following the 21 Day Fix and meal plan and it has only been two days!!! 

This was EXACTLY what my body needed after the holidays, after vacations, to get myself back on TRACK and to start FRESH! I'm so THANKFUL for the 3 Day Refresh and I would recommend it HANDS DOWN!! I may have to get another one this month and keep it on hand for the future since it's on SALE this month too lol.

Get yours ON SALE today at the link below :) 

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